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1. My UX case studies


Designing an online flight booking process

Detailed reviewFocus on methodsHypothetical project

A new airline wants to break into the market with a user-friendly online flight booking process. This case study relays the UX design process step by step. This work is from the practical component of my Professional Diploma in UX Design.

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Narratives in a time of crisis

Designing a citizen journalism and diary writing site

New case study coming soon

I am involved in a social research project that focuses on advocacy orientated citizen journalism and diary writing. The writers are ordinary people in South Africa telling their stories during Covid-19. A longstanding client and I worked on the project conceptualisation. I then took over UX research, analysis, and design. The project is currently in its production phase. The website that will emerge from this project is the digital home of the written stories.

2. Other creative work

Interdisciplinary creative practice

Archive of projects spanning 2008 to 2022

Interdisciplinary practiceArt, design & researchArchive

The project archive documents my output between 2008 and 2022 related to art, design, facilitation, production, research, and lecturing. My theoretical reading and practice involve the inquiry into complex spatial relationships and the movement through these material networks. The single drive of this interdisciplinary creative pursuit is a curiosity about the way interaction and movement of bodies create space, and how that movement can be sensed, shaped, and shifted.

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