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About me: What I do, how I can help, and where I come from

I do UX research and design

Identifying and solving problems through User Experience (UX) research and design resonates with me.  The potential for this work to craft practical and enjoyable experiences for people and directly influence the profitability of a business is what makes it compelling. Ultimately, my drive to pursue UX stems from a desire to assist the industry in creating beneficial, human-centred products.

My work can help organisations ensure product/service-user fit

Product innovation provides an economic moat in a fast-paced world fraught with high levels of opacity and constant change. A way through this complexity is ensuring the right product is built for the right user. Through my situational sensitivity, analytic-conceptual ability, and creativity honed in design, research, and art I can help ensure products are desirable. Through my communication ability and business acumen I can collaborate with other business functions and help make sure designs are feasible and viable.

My background in working with people, movement, and places

I have worked on individual and small team projects, often from end to end. That means I have worked from ideation to planning to development. Project timelines have ranged from one month to two years. I am self-motivated, have high verbal and visual reasoning and communication ability, and enjoy the challenge of figuring out conceptual relationships between discrete objects of thought and experience. I also excel at the material-based thinking that occurs when working practically with solving real-world problems.

These skills have been honed through a career focused on creative problem identification, problem-solving, and production: arts-based social research, workshop design and facilitation, visual art production and curation, communication and spatial design, and lecturing in presentation and problem-solving for architects. This creative practice, of which UX forms a part, is focused on the movement, experience, and relationships of bodies in environments. You can read more about this steadily growing body of interdisciplinary projects on my project archive, a site that is dedicated to tracking my entire creative practice.

Read a UX case study

Who African Centre for Migration and Society
What Information architecture; Navigation; Page layout; Image-text relationships; User flow to stories; Research; Prototyping; Testing
Result Increased speed and accuracy of users finding relevant stories

Quinten Edward Williams

I am a researcher, designer, and artist working in UX. This portfolio website is focused on my UX research and design.

Quinten Edward Williams

I am a researcher, designer, and artist working in UX. This portfolio website is focused on my UX research and design.

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